Digital Education in India

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Education system in India is slowly rising to the pinnacle and yet stuck in the claws of the past and has been a major area of concern for many years. India is a democratic country and each one has a right to express and give their opinion. In India, exams like JEE Main has top priority and Institutes such as IIT, SRM, conduct exams like IITJEE and SRMJEE and these IITJEE-2018 and SRMJEE-2018 are the upcoming exams so the best way to join these universities is bypassing the exam of SRMJEE-2018 and IITJEE-2018. Whereas some parts of India are still deprived of basic education due to lack of schooling and educational centres. These are two extreme ends of the rope. Taking the Government into consideration, and keeping aside the usual promises and commitments given by them during elections, it is high time that we question ourselves, where are we heading to? Was the movie ‘3 idiots’ an only source of entertainment or did we learn something out of it? Is it something that we are lacking or it is just that we are unable to adopt the changing pattern of life. 

Various grants were additionally declared by SRM University. The lead Founder's Scholarship accommodates full waiver of educational cost charge, lodging expenses, book expenses, transportation and a month to month stipend of Rs.1000. This grant is given to toppers in school finals, SRMJEEE, JEE Main, and JEE (Advanced); achievers in sports; competitors having a place with a financially tested group and the minority group; and the individuals who are distinctively abled.

Keeping aside the education aspect, as a normal human being we all want to be recognized in the society and to do so we have to accept the steady changes and trends of the world. As the world is getting globalized and modernized, the education system in India is also taken into consideration. It is getting more efficient and modernized ways of teaching and learning are now being adopted. This helps the students to adopt modern techniques and enhance its personality. 65% of India’s population consists of youths and hence it is very important to get the basic foundation right so that the prediction of India turning into a superpower by the year 2030 comes true.

The constant introduction of new policies is a simple set of principle to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes, to express it in simple words and bring a change to the country. 

Similarly, India is one of the countries working on a number of education entrance exams and policies. And now since technology is seeping through in every aspect of our life, it was a matter of time before Digital Education Techniques were introduced. Digital learning has been a prominent part of the education and the basic psychology behind this remains that as a normal human being you tend to remember something better which you have seen in a more colourful way rather than sitting and shoving up the heads in the textbook for hours and not achieving anything out of it. The Government is trying to introduce more digital learning programs across all the schools in the hope that it will be more efficient in every way. Let's say students interested in to make their bright career can gather knowledge for the entrance exams like JEE Main and SRMJEE 2018 can get up to date knowledge on the digital platform.

और अधिक समाचारों के लिए अगले पेज पर जाएं, दोस्तों के साथ साझा करने नीचे क्लिक करें


अपनी पसंदीदा श्रेणी के समाचार पढ़ने कृपया नीचे दिए गए श्रेणी के ​बटन पर क्लिक करें



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