Why Managed Accommodations in Indore are the Safest and Most Hygienic Option for Women?

Schools and colleges are finally beginning to open their doors to welcome back old students and freshers, as the economic activity gets back on track. Indore known as the hub of top companies as well as renowned educational institutions, gives hope of a better lifestyle to thousands of migrant students and working professionals coming from various parts of India as well as the world. And among the many migrant men and women who try to make a home in the city, security is a top concern. Predominantly, the rental accommodation scene in the city has been dominated by unorganized hostels, PGs, and even flats but they can vary from widely in expectations. If you are also planning to move to Indore and looking for a comfortable, high quality yet affordable place to stay, then managed accommodations would be among the best options for you. These places have redefined the rental living solutions in the city, and offer a fair share of conveniences:

Cleanliness & Hygiene

We know you don’t want to get infected while living in a new city. Hence, cleanliness and hygiene are the first and the most important reason for choosing managed accommodation, especially against the backdrop of the pandemic. Managed accommodation players like Stanza Living (check website), operate multiple properties, throughout the nation. These responsible organizations have also taken effective measures to combat COVID-19 and protect residents as much as possible. Measures like thermal monitoring at entry/ exit points, sanitation of high touch points like, lifts, doors, etc., installation of sanitizer dispensers at multiple locations in all properties to encourage fellow residents to use sanitizers frequently are just a few of the important SOPs. Additionally, stringent visitor norms have been put forward, blocking all access to potential spreaders from outside. They have also limited dependency on any external staff and conduct rigorous training for staff to adapt to any escalation procedures in case of any medical incidence as well. All this and many other measures are there just to ensure your safety! Feeling at home already?

Healthy Meals

Food is one thing no one can compromise with. But what if we tell you that there could be a possibility that the food you eat is contaminated or is being cooked unhygienically? Having faith on the hygiene levels practiced by your local food vendor can be a bit difficult at this time. But if you lack the means or the skills for managing your own food preparation, then it is critical that you choose a dependable place. Managed accommodation players like Stanza Living are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that its residents eat healthy and hygienic food. They have introduced an industry-first, no-touch food delivery and dining facility wherein residents can easily choose from the menu and pre-book their meals. The packed meals are then delivered at their doorsteps, enabling them to enjoy healthy and tasty meals without having the fear of getting infected. Residents also get to share their feedback on the resident App which is taken into consideration immediately.


The hunt for secure options can often be an arduous task, especially when it concerns female safety. Traditional PGs might not have extensive arrangements to monitor security, but co-living spaces offer comprehensive security systems – CCTV cameras, perimeter monitoring, 24x7 guards and biometric entry, etc to ensure no unknown person can enter the premises.
Managed accommodation like Stanza living is thus the best choice for women looking for PGs in Indore or any other city in India. Be it convenience, amenities, personalization, or even cost, they provide a holistic value proposition to make your daily living experience absolutely hassle-free.

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