Boost Your Class 12 Exam Score with Memory Techniques

Class 12 board exams are one of the toughest academic junctures in a student’s life as the performance in this exam will decide the fate of his/her career. That is why students often tend to get caught in the clutches of exam phobia while preparing for their board examinations. You need to understand that success will tend to become elusive if you do not control your anxiety and prepare for the exam with a calm and stress-free mind. 

Having a good understanding is imperative for scoring better in the exam, but along with that, you also need to have a good memory. Having the ability to retain things better in your memory will prove to be an asset in the long run. You will be able to present good answers only if you can recall the facts properly. 

We have put together this list of the top memory techniques which can be used by students to prepare well and achieve better grades in class 12 board examinations. 

Best Memory Techniques to Prepare for Class 12 Board Exams 

Mentioned below are some useful memory techniques to prepare better for class 12 board exam: 

  1. Use of mnemonics: Mnemonics are techniques that are designed for remembering facts with the aid of shortcuts. These mnemonics can be used for learning the difficult names of the terms. Let us illustrate to you the use of a mnemonic. For remembering the names of the essential amino acids in Chemistry, you can remember the line - “Any Help in Learning These Little Molecules Proves Truly Valuable’, where the first alphabet of the words stands for: 

A- Arginine 
H- Histidine 
I- Isoleucine 
L- Leucine 
T- Tryptophan 
L- Lysine 
M- Methionine 
P- Phenylalanine 
T- Threonine 
V- Valine 

In a similar manner, you can create mnemonics for other subjects of class 12 as well. 
  • Breaking into chunks: Take the example of a phone number. When you break it down into smaller parts, you can easily remember it. Try to introduce the same concept while you are preparing the class 12 study topics. Dividing a paragraph into small sentence fragments will facilitate easy learning. 
  • Tune it up: It is a fact that we do not have to try hard to learn the lyrics of a song. But, when it comes to complicated theoretical topics, we do not like mugging up the topics. Thus, to make your task easier, you can recite the information related to a subject in a tune or in the form of a jingle - whichever form works for you. Humming the same tune afterward will help you in recalling the information. 
  • Make charts: Visual memory always aids in remembering things better. You can prepare well for the exam and make the process of studying interesting with the help of visuals. Present the important information like relevant formulae in charts. The formulae noted in these charts will find use when you are solving the NCERT questions. 
  • However, if you are not able to arrive at the answer to a question, you can use the NCERT solutions for CBSE class 12, where you will get detailed solutions to all the questions. 
  • Note down the important points while reading: While you are reading a book or a passage, you can scribble the important pieces of information in a diary or a notebook. Even if you do not have a pen and paper by your side, you can scribble the important facts in the air with your fingers and you will be amazed at how this bizarre trick of inditing will assist in better memory. 
  • Performing yoga: Yoga is considered as one of the best forms of exercise to boost memory. Performing yoga asanas such as pranayama, padmasana, and halasana can boost memory and improve the levels of concentration and focus. Yogas are so beneficial for students as they help to improve the overall cognition and enhance memory. 
  • Use active recall patterns: After you have studied a topic, close your book and try to recite whatever you have just learnt, in your own words. This use of active recall pattern will make the study sessions more engaging. 
  • Revision must be given importance: The hours of study you have devoted to the preparation of all the topics for class 12 board exam will be wasted if you do not revise the learnt topics thoroughly. Revision helps you in brushing up the things you have learnt and you can apply this knowledge in solving questions. 
  • Attempt practice tests: One of the basic methods for memorizing things better is to test your knowledge with the help of practice questions. Attempting these questions will ingrain the facts in your memory. There are several study platforms such as Gradeup which design quizzes, practice questions, and mock tests. By attempting these tests, you can analyze your performance and work harder on those areas which need improvement. 

Along with using the above-mentioned memory techniques, you can implement your techniques to recall all the topics you have studied. We hope that these methods will prove to be useful for the preparation of class 12 board examination. 

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