Here’s your cheat sheet to happily ever after! (Hint: it has something to do with the flowers)

18 May 2018

We all keep searching for our happily ever after. We are an optimistic race and maybe this is why even after a series of bad dates, we never lose hope and think that it might be the One. But why is that when we finally have the one, the thing starts to fizzle? Mainly, because we stop valuing what we have! Once the honeymoon phase is over, the romance is tossed out of the window and the mundane creeps in. While we can’t have a fairy tale version of happily ever after, a real-life idea of happily ever after with a balanced mix of not-so-happy-days is totally doable! Here are some easy-peasy tips on making your love life have its own fairytale ending! 

Be Realistic
You can’t have a relationship just for social media. No matter how tempting photos of other people on your social feed are, you cannot compete with them. You aren’t them. You aren’t aware of their struggles. So, don’t judge a book by its cover and rather, try to make your story a best seller! Many couples are super happy but don’t post it on Facebook and vice versa! So, try to make things work and keep them happening between yourselves, without worrying about others! 

Be Romantic
Forget the seven years itch, people are getting bored with each other as soon as the initial physical attraction phase is over! To keep the sizzling chemistry between you two alive-emotionally, mentally and physically, you need to keep working on it. The best part is, you don’t have to do much to do that! A surprise online flower bouquet delivery in Pune at work or floral decor at home along with a candlelight dinner can keep the chemistry alive at the romantic front! However, you would like to make sure that your partner is okay with receiving flowers at work! Cook a special meal for your partner or take him/her on a long drive on weekends. Sometimes, share the personal workload and plan a surprise weekend. Don’t ask what’s he/she would like to do on a weekend, instead, plan it! If this is all too much for you given your schedule, just send flowers online their way. This gesture though seems too small but has a sense of grandeur and ‘I Love You’ written all over it. 

Be Reasonable 
We all have some bad and good traits. When you decide to spend your life with someone, you sign up for an arrangement that overlooks those bad traits and focuses more on good. So, be it him not taking a bath at all during the entire weekend, or he is pissed off with you for your laptop and books sprawled on the bed when he wants to take some rest, bear with it! 

Your happily ever is in your hands. A couple needs to work on it. From throwing little surprises such as flower delivery online in Bhopal and gift baskets to a silent nod, everything counts and paves the way to a fairy tale romance!


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