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Bhopal. When a young Cyber Security expert realized that the cyber space is not safe for its users, he contacted various people and formed a Cyber Welfare Society of India. The team started the first Cyber Welfare Society of India in Indore, a city of Madhya Pradesh State. With the help of various experts and advisors, this first Indian Cyber welfare Society will be helping women and be given tips and advices on ‘how to tackle cyber crimes’. The team will be helping women free of cost. For this, they will be posting various articles, posts, blogs and even tweets reaching out to maximum number of people through as many as social mediums possible. The main aim of the society is to create a safe cyber space for women. Not all cyber crimes are being reported because people are not aware about how to deal with such crimes nor do they trust that a satisfactory solution could found out. Yes, that is true that at this moment, we don’t have necessary crime investigators and judges who are specialized in cyber crimes. But, time is changing. Thanks to Digital India.

Usually, the people doing crimes on cyberspace are in a notion that they will be anonymous and wouldn’t get caught. This is not true. Most of the cyber crimes taking place with women are related to cyber stalking, obscenity and fake profiles. Cyber crime is that one problem rising at a Global level against which strong measures are necessary. With the developments in the Information technology such crimes and crimes against women are increasing at a faster rate. And most of the women users do not find the cyber space safe. Around 3/4th of the women users have been a victim of some or the other type of cybercrime.

We want to put a light on some of the crimes that women users have been victim of and under which sections the criminal can be punished.

1)      Cyber Stalking
this is the most common crime women have been victim of. To follow, to irritate, to stare to the extent to make the person angry, scared is called stalking. When this is done on internet, it is called cyberstalking. Sending unwanted messages again and again, having a look on every status update, irritating by calling them, internet monitoring all these come under the category of this crime. This is a punishable offence under the section 345 D of IPC.

2)      Another type of crime related to cyber obscenity and cyber pornography. In this the criminals get obscene pictures or videos of young girls and upload them on public platform or even blackmail them with the pictures. There are scenes where the pictures are morphed with the help of various softwares. Mainly the criminal’s motive to do such crime is to blackmail, defame the person, to harass them. Such crime can be filed under the section 67 and 67 A. Sending obscene photos, obscene emails, morphing photos to obscenity etc is a punishable crime under the same section.

3)      Under the section 66 of IT Act, cyber spying i,e installing cameras in washrooms, changing rooms of various of women at various public places like hotels, malls, restaurants etc is a punishable crime.

4)      Cyber bullying and bullying of women in the virtual world is another serious crime which comes fourth in types of cyber crimes. Women are being bullied by various ways. Where the criminal at first tries to be on friendly terms with them, gets more closer and tries to get their pictures and then morph them and black mail them or defame them. It is time that women understand such crime and know the risks in the cyber world and stay alert always.

Because the criminal finds women as easy target, awareness about the cyber crimes among women is necessary. Because of easy availability of internet and everyone using smart phones and data card, there is an increase in such crime. And so its awareness is very much important.

Cyber Welfare Society will be spreading awareness about the same to women, youth, old people along with all possible online help regarding the crime they have been a victim of. Indian women and youth have been targets of various types of cyber crimes of the criminals. Yes, there are agencies which are working to reduce such crimes and put such criminals behind the bars, but they have their own speed and the crimes are increasing too fast. So creating awareness is very much important.

Some points at which women need to take care of during their daily life is,
- Be careful while sharing private information to someone stranger in the virtual world.
- Make sure whether the changing rooms/bathrooms do not have any device installed.
- Whenever necessary, do not hesitate to ask any sort of help from various cyber experts. You can even contact the Cyber Welfare Society on their various social media accounts.

Cyber security expert Mr Shakeel Anjum says that United States being a developed country is very cautious about cyber security and has strong measures and policies regarding it. Even then, the site ‘wikileaks’ had leaked sensitive files online. This scene had disturbed the United States. This incidence shows that ‘how important cyber security’ is for an individual person as well as for the country as a whole.

Cyber Security expert Shakeel Anjum is the founder member of the society along with the team of Group of IT experts Tushar Bharthare, Chirag Purohit, Yogesh Pandit, Networking expert Bhanu Yadav ,Legal Advisor Advocate Aehtesham Hasan Siddiqui, Imroz khan,Aashna khan and Moin khan. Shakeel Anjum invites interested experts of the field to join hands with them and spread the knowledge as far as possible.

The main aims of Cyber Welfare Society India are:-
-To spread awareness about cyber crimes
-To make people aware about how one can avoid being a victim
-Help the victims to reach the criminal
-Make the cyber space safe

Shakeel Anjum
ITEE Cyber Welfare Society 
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