MP TET VARG 3 सब्जेक्ट- इंग्लिश पैडागोजी, टॉपिक पार्ट्स ऑफ लैंग्वेज

Subject English Pedagogy Topic - Parts Of Language 

To make the learning easy, A language is divided into four main parts, they are - Phonemes, Morphenes, Syntax and Semantics. 

1) Phoneme -The word phone is related with speaking and  Phonology is the study of phonemes. so,  Phoneme is called the smallest unit of sound .In English language there are 44 Phonemes. phonemes are useful for teachers so that  they can use the correct pronunciation. 
Eg -  The word " Rat  " has 3 phonemes 'R'
'a' and 't '.

2 ) Morpheme- Morpheme is the smallest meaning ful unit of sound, Morphology 
Is the study of Morphemes. Morpheme can change the meaning of the word. Morphemes  can be used as prefix , suffix and base Morphemes . 
Eg - Un ( used as prefix Morpheme)  
Able ( used as Suffixb Morpheme) 
perish  ( used as base Morpheme) 
 3) Syntax - A  system of rules for the structure of sentence in a language is called
Syntax. The  Common sentence structure for English language is S+ V+ O. S   is for subject , V is for verb and O is for object.
Eg - Ravi Reads a book. In this sentence Ravi is subject, reads is verb and a book is object. 

4)Semantics -  The study of meanings of words  or phrases is called Semantics. 
Eg - She Drives a bicycle.
This sentence is correct by Syntax but it is incorrect by Semantics because Bicycle can not be drived, so the correct sentence by Sementically is  " She rides a bicycle.  "

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