Paurashpur web series is a star-studded affair

Ekhotihai story. Phiraatahai entertainment. Aurphiraatihaiuski cast.
When a show successfully ticks off all these boxes, that’s when you can actually predict a chartbuster performance. Quite literally! Well, brace yourselves as ALTBalaji’s biggest period drama, Paurashpur makes its way to you with its intriguing plot, stellar star cast, and double the mirchand masala.
Starring MilindSoman, Shilpa Shinde, Flora Saini, Annu Kapoor, Shaheer Sheikh, Poulomi Das, Sahil Salathia, and many well-known faces of the industry, Paurashpur is a tale of gender wars, conspiracies, revenge, politics, and lust that takes you back in time. It is a story set amidst the backdrop of the 16th century that brilliantly portrays the injustice against everyone living in the grand kingdom of Paurashpur.Aurinkapaapithasirfek. Vothainkaapna king. Raja Bhadrapratap played by none other than Annu Kapoor in Paurashpur web series.
Kya thikisikihimmatunparhonewaloanyay par awaazuthaneki? Ji haan. Hai log joapnaawaazuthatehai, par apneandaazmein. Kaun the vo log. Ye log the inkeapneparivaar se. Here’s presenting to you the royals of the Paurashpur web series.
Warning: Inkiekkhasbaat ye haikiinmein se kaafi log Paurashpurke revolutionary mane jatehai.

  1. Shilpa Shinde as Queen Meerawati

It’s time to welcome the oh-so-stunning queen of the Paurashpur web series- Maharani Meerawati- the beauty with brains- the game-changer for the women of the kingdom. Two things that you should about know about her are that her strength and intellect are unmatchable!

  1. Shaheer Sheikh as Veer

In a massive kingdom like Paurashpur, Veer steps in as a trader. A man with a dynamic personality who cannot tolerate injustice. But, how will he stop what he sees in a patriarchal kingdom? Kya ye rukapaegajoiskiaakhonkesamnedikhtahai? Well, you have no choice but to watch how Veer turns the table pyaar se!

  1. MilindSoman as Boris

Ye nahai koi raja haiaurna hi koi praja. Inka introduction thasirfek.Ye Boris hai. If there’s one person who has faced the backlash of the kingdom more than anyone else, it is Boris. Well, that’s probably what makes Boris determined to end the wrongdoings in Paurashpur.

  1. Poulomi Das as Kala

She is the woman who survives the land with her untimely grace and elegance. Par phirbhikyunuthayiusneapnemohabbatkeliyetalwar? Was it the only road for her freedom? Will her voice be heard? Yehijananekatohintezaarhai.

  1. Anant Joshi as Prince Aaditya

Born in a royal family, Prince Aaditya was way different than others. He lived in his own bubble wherein he found solace only in art. But, was it acceptable as a successor of the king? Maybe. Or maybe not! Come, let’s find that out.

  1. Sahil Salathia as Bhanu

He is one of the important members ofPaurashpur. Kyunki ye haiPaurashpurkenrityaguru- Bhanu- the man who lives lavishly like all the other royals.
Ab yakeenaaya? Hai nakamalPaurashpurki star cast? We are sure that you agree with us. Catch all of them in their absolute best from 29th December on ALTBalaji. Trust us, they are waiting for you. Hurry! Watch Who’s YourDaddy Season 2, BicchooKa Khel, Dark 7 White, Mum Bhai, etc. streaming on ALTBalaji

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