The mental health benefits of flowers | All hail the flower power!

18 May 2018

A study published in the Psychological Medicine Journal concludes that Generation Z is at more risk of mental issues and is more emotionally vulnerable than their older counterparts. Being equated with snowflakes, the millennium generation is deemed to be less resilient and more susceptible to emotional upheaval and feeling lonely. For the uninitiated, millennium generation consists of people born in the 90s. However, their older forefathers might have had just the perfect remedy to keep them afloat and ensuring their wellbeing. 
Tighten your seat belts, guys! We are time travelling to 1960 when the activists had just realized about the flower power! Though, even they wouldn’t know the emotional, mental and physical impact of flowers on the health and overall well-being of mankind! 

Healing, the Flower Way! 
A fast forward to 2008 and a study by Park and Mattson confirms that potted plants and flowers brighten up the atmosphere and cheer up the patients. The patients, who had flowers in their room, had to take less postoperative pain medication, had their systolic blood pressure in control and were less anxious or irritated in their post-surgery days. 

In fact, Indians have been using online fresh flowers delivery in Mumbai for health and healing since times immemorial. While Tulsi or Holy Basil is considered to be sacred, it is also a panacea for seasonal allergies and to strengthen the immunity. Rose petals are high in Vitamin C and perfect to treat diarrhoea, IBS and heat-induced indigestion. Sunflower is used to relieve menstrual cramps and joint pain. 

The Flower Gasm! 
A research conducted by Wageningen University also proves that flowers in dining spaces lead to better, cheerful and happy moods! People who had flowers on their table seemed to bring their appetite with them. Nowadays, different petals are used in cakes and many recipes as-is to enhance the flavour naturally. Rose candy, rose jam, rose crème brûlée are just the popular variants being made, sprinkled and seasoned with rose petals. 

Sleep Tight with Flowers 
Floral scents can aid in relaxation and help you feel better. Lavender, as you all know, is perfect to de-stress after a long day at work. Use lavender leaves in bath water to treat acne or pour a drop or two on your pillow for a sound sleep! A chamomile tea at work increases productivity and lets you focus on work while reducing the anxiety of raging deadlines. If Monday blues has joined forces with PMS, we feel you! Shout, ‘bring it on, with a hot cup of evening primrose tea. 

Mental health is a major health concern. Whether you are a Generation X or Y, everybody deserves to feel better and healthy! While nothing can substitute medical supervision, there is no harm in trying to find solace in the all-encompassing and universal caregiver-flowers also. Summer is here and it is just the perfect time to give the gift of cut flowers with online flower delivery in Pune and floral arrangements as well as spruce up your home with potted plants! 


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