Max Out Your Savings While Shopping Online This Diwali

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The festival of lights, joy and crazy shopping is drawing closer. And so is all the madness of various online sales: small, big and huge, from numerous online stores. The exponential growth of the e-commerce industry and easier availability of technology even in small towns and villages is rapidly changing the way everyone shops nowadays. But as shopping becomes more convenient and affordable by the day, we tend to get more extravagant. And our willpower is truly put to test during the parade of grand online sales and exclusive offers all around. 
So, here are five tips that will help you save as much as possible while shopping online this Diwali.

Make A List And Stick To It

The festive season is approaching; you are in high spirits and a very generous mood. But this can be detrimental to your monthly budget. Thus, to make sure that you do not end up buying things you don't even need and splurge all your savings in one go, make a list before starting your Diwali shopping this year. Actually, while online shopping you can make two different lists like: Things You Need and Things You Wish you could buy without guilt. So that, when there are so many great and exclusive sales going on all around, you know what you 'must' buy without much thought, and what you are 'allowed' to buy if it is at a great discount. Sticking to these two lists will save you a lot from impulsive buying while still ensuring that you get to grab the things you want without exceeding your budget.

Don't Shop Alone

When shopping offline, we all ask around, seek advice for the best places to shop at, compare prices, get detailed information about the product, etc. This is equally important for making informed purchase decisions while shopping online, too. For that, you need to be a part of an online shopping community like DesiDime, which brings you all the best offers and discounts in town along with a community of real, experienced shoppers. These shoppers help you with all queries related to shopping online.There are multiple discussion forums, here, where you can gain information about various, stores, reliability of sellers, review of products, better bargains available, after sales services etc. Also, the deals and offers posted here are upvoted or downvoted by all these shoppers, which helps you figure out which offers are truly popular and worth grabbing, and which are not. Now, that is how you make the best-informed and the most cost-effective purchase decision even during a crazy shopping festival like Diwali.

Keep An Eye Out For Coupons

Be it offline or online, coupons are one of the best ways to save some extra money while shopping. Some of the stores and brands often give exclusive or additional discounts on products in form of coupons. And during a huge shopping festival like Diwali, the number and variety of discount coupons goes through the roof. So, before hitting 'buy now' take some time to see whether there is a coupon available on the product that you want to buy. Now, it is very easy to lose yourself in the bewildering online maze of valid, invalid, applicable, non-applicable coupons, especially during a festive season. This is when coupon sites like Vikatan come to your rescue. On Vikatan, you can find all the latest and valid coupons from all e-stores in one place. You can search for coupons store-wise or you can use the search bar, and Vikatan will throw up the most relevant coupons to you along with all the detailed information and terms and conditions for using that coupon.

Don't Proceed To Check Out Directly

So, you found an amazing discount on the mobile phone you had been eyeing since long. The price drop has never been this low in the last six months. You think you cannot save even a penny more than the price on offer. You are wrong. You can easily save some extra money on all your purchases during Diwali as well as all year round by using cashback sites like Zingoy. For that, all you have to do is shop via sites like Zingoy. So, while shopping for Diwali this year, if you find what you are looking for, do not buy it directly from the online store. Visit a cashback site like Zingoy, where you will discover all online offers from various stores listed; find what you are looking for and shop through the link given and earn cashback on it. This cashback is your extra savings, over and above the deal or offers available on the product. Even if you can't find your offers or products on the cashback site then you can simply convert the product/ offer URL in to your own shopping link on Zingoy and shop via it to earn the extra cashback. Zingoy also gives you cashback if your friends and family make purchases using your shopping link. Furthermore, since it is Diwali, expect higher percentage of cashbacks on offer for the festive occasion.

Pay With Cards

You are often advised to pay with cash offline, in order to keep a better tab on your spends; but the rules change online. A lot of banks like HDFC, ICICI, SBI usually offer cashback on using their debit or credit cards for shopping online. Thus, paying with cards saves you more money online than choosing to pay Cash On Delivery. Also, during Diwali, the percentage of cashback offered by these banks is likely to increase. So, check out which bank debit and credit cards are offering cashback on shopping at which online stores and make all your payments with cards. Another way to save more money while making payments is to use an online wallet like Paytm or Mobikwik, which also give cashback.
Now, that's how you save more while shopping more this Diwali.



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