3 Reasons Why You Should Compare UPS Price and Other Crucial Features

Power cuts can be terrible, especially during extreme weather conditions like the peak of summer or winters, when the need for air conditioning or heating becomes crucial. But, when a power cut finally hits, a UPSunit keeps you comfortable till the time the lights come back on. However, to fully enjoy the benefits that an inverter offers, you need to have an inverter that is exceptional in handling loads and delivering power no matter the duration of the outage.

So, how do you choose a UPS that comes with an affordable UPS price tag and does its job perfectly? Well, here are a few crucial features that you need to look for in an inverter if you are looking for a modern-age high-quality UPS for your home.

UPS Technology

You will find UPS utilizing a range of technologies; however, if you want one that’s truly built on the latest technology, then a sine wave inverter is what you need. It’s best in terms of efficiency, efficacy, and power savings and can safely run all of your expensive appliances without the risk of damage due to internal short-circuits, overcharges, and overload.

Although you may get tempted to buy another inverter based on modified sine wave or square wave technology due to a lower price range, if you want to be future proof and value efficiency, then spending a few extra hundreds on getting a sine wave-based UPS is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Demand for Power

How much power you require plays a crucial role in choosing a UPS unit. To get a UPS unit that’s adequately powered to handle all of your power requirements, you need to add up the total electrical load of all the household appliances you would want to run off this auxiliary power unit. Whatever the sum total of that is, it’s best to get a UPS that has at least 25% more capacity than what you require so that in case you add any new appliances to your house, your UPS unit would be ready to take up that additional load.

Duration of Power Cut

Do you live in an area with long power cuts, or do you experience frequent short-duration power cuts; you need an inverter that serves your specific needs. No two inverters are the same, and they are all designed to serve a variety of needs and requirements; therefore, always make it a point to choose based on your unique situation, lest you end up with a UPS unit that’s not the right choice for you.

If you are looking for the absolute best in terms of efficiency and power backup delivery, then Luminous has a range of next-gen UPS systems that are a classapart from the competition, all built to offer nothing more than the absolute best in terms of service and quality. Listed below are 3 UPS systems that we have hand-picked for you due to their affordability and maxed our feature set.

Home UPS Zelio Wifi 1100
Image Source: Luminous

As the name suggests, the Home UPS ZelioWifi 1100 is a smart UPS priced at ₹8,299. It’s a 900 VA smart inverter with a rated power of 756W and has an inbuilt 32-bit DSP processor making it a highly intelligent unit perfect for keeping your expensive appliances safe from damage thanks to its sine wave output and MCB protection from input mains. If you want a UPS that works in complete silence, then the Home UPS ZelioWifi 1100 with a 24-month warranty is your best bet.

Home UPS Zolt 1100

Image Source: Luminous

The UPS price for the Home UPS Zolt 1100 is ₹6,687, and it’s a 900 VA inverter with a rated power of 756W. The inverter has an inbuilt 32-bit DSP processor and features a safety alarm to warn you in case of a short circuit. It comes with a bypass switch which helps in supplying output directly from the grid in case of any fault in the inverter. It comes with a 24-month warranty.

Home UPS Eco Volt+ 1550

Image Source: Luminous

Priced at ₹8,880, the Home UPS Eco Volt+ 1550 is a pure sine wave inverter that features low harmonic distortion resulting in a zero-noise profile; moreover, it’s great in terms of efficiency, which helps cut down on electricity bills. The UPS system supports a wide range of batteries, and its adaptive battery charging technology allows it to not only charge batteries faster but also gives the battery 70% enhanced life.

Lastly, make sure you check out these inverters if you are looking for affordability and substance. And in the end, remember that UPS price is only one of the factors that you should consider when buying a new UPS unit, as there are plenty more that we often let go unnoticed!

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