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ServicePlus ( is a metadata-based, single, unified, eService Delivery & Grievance Redressal framework that can be configured to rapidly e-enable government services to its customers including citizens & businesses. It supports multi-tenancy architecture that enables each tenant to configure their services as per their requirement. It supports UNICODE thus enabling services to be accessed in local languages. ServicePlus provides a host of benefits to citizens. It provides a single unified portal to the citizen for accessing any service, track submitted applications, subscribe to alerts etc.

ServicePlus ( has been recognized by several Government Departments across.7 the States. It is being used by 24 States and 5 Central Line Departments delivering more than 750 services. The services provided by the States are mainly Regulatory and Statutory in nature. While the states of Maharashtra & Chhattisgarh are using ServicePlus under e-Panchayat MMP; Bihar, Jharkhand, Tripura, Meghalaya and Sikkim are using it under e-District MMP. Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Odisha, Kerala, Assam etc are using this framework for services beyond those identified under e-District. ServicePlus is implemented in Haryana under the brand name SARAL whereas in Karnataka it is called SevaSindhu 2.0.

ServicePlus provides a variety of modes to applicants for submission of applications. Applications can be submitted online, through kiosk or in a Government office. This is decided based on the nature of service, availability of kiosk infrastructure etc.. The nature of services varies from Statutory to regulatory to Utility Services.

The services use some and/or combination of the following features provided by the framework:
• Submission of applications through online, kiosk or Government offices
• Acknowledgement Slip
• Aadhaar based demographic authentication
• eSign in application form and/or annexures as well as output certificates
• Payment through different Payment Gateways (like PayGov, SBI ePay, PayU), CSC eWallet, eTreasury implementations of various states
• Digital signature of the delivered documents (certificates/license/ticket etc)
• Configurable Server Signed QR code on the delivered documents
• Service delivered online, through kiosk and through Government offices
• Communication to officials and applicants through email and SMS
• Dedicated channels for service definition and application processing
• Change requests are handled through service versioning
• Forms for officials to fill in their details and comments
• Completely automated workflow
• In-built rule engine to facilitate rule injection using MVEL
• Dynamic output generation using velocity templates
• Citizen as a workflow player
• Seamless integration with isolated data/process through webservice
• Configurable service specific Reports
• Participation of officials belonging to different departments in delivering a service
• Separate URLs for service, department and State
• Each document generated is identified through a unique URL
• Automated integration with DigiLocker
• Automated integration with eTaal
• Facility to extract complete data of a service
• Unified mobile app which can be configured for the use of any ServicePlus instance
• Separate mobile app for workflow players
• Automated integration with RAS (Rapid Assessment System)
• Pendency Report
• Analytics
• Bulk processing of applications
Click here to download service Plus mobile application from Google Play Store.

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