CAT 2020: 10 Days Strategy Plan to Crack and Secure Good Marks

The Last 10 days strategy for CAT 2020 

With just a few days left for the BIG day to happen, it is time for some serious last minute brushing. The type and level of preparation one needs now is completely different than what one might have needed months back on their Day 1 of preparation for the CAT 2020 exam.

To help you score well in CAT 2020, we have come up with some of the most effective last minute strategies which, if followed strictly, can do wonders and give the best results you could expect.

Below are Strategy Plan to Crack CAT 2020 Exam

1. Eat Well. Sleep Well: You need to take good care of your health (seeing the pandemic outbreak and changing weather). Sleeping and waking up on time is the need of the hour. Taking meals on-time is very necessary for your biological clock to function properly. All in all, it is suggested to maintain a healthy routine (until your CAT exam day) so that your body supports you with full energy while taking the examination 

2. Practice Mocks according to your  Time Slot for CAT 2020: Suppose you have been allotted the 1st slot of the day on 29th November 2020 for taking the CAT exam, it is suggested that you should( delete should) practise at least 5 mocks in these 10 days and out of those 5 mocks, 2 should be actual previous year CAT papers. Also, you must practise those mocks on the time slots allotted to you on your Admit Card for CAT 2020. Doing this will help your brain become most active during those hours of the day and you will feel much more comfortable while taking the actual CAt 2020 exam on the BIG day 

3. Say NO to New Concepts/Vocabulary: This is the time to strengthen your command over the knowledge that you already possess. Avoid learning any new topics/concepts/theories/vocabulary etc. This will only create a mess in your mind and you might tend to weaken your hold on your strong points

4. Revise and Revive: ‘Now’ is the best time to revise all your concepts/short-tricks/formulae. Revising concepts that you already know will make them even more deep-rooted in your head and will make things easier for you while taking the main exam 

5. Solve ‘easy questions’ first: It is a tried and tested way to boost up( delete up)your energy while taking the exam. Solving questions that you’re sure about will help you build your confidence and will fill you with positivity. Thus, attempting tough questions becomes a cakewalk for you

6. Leave the question ‘Unanswered’ of you’re not sure: Do not answer questions that you do not know While you have answered all the questions you are sure of and are high on positivity of them being correct( delete this part ), we still suggest to leave those questions which you are not sure about, as there is a heavy penalty of 1 mark for each MCQ answered incorrectly

7. Avoid getting ‘worked-up’ easily: In the last few days of your final exam, you must avoid getting worked-up/tensed/worried by any news or mishap (if something is not that serious). It is very important for your brain to get proper rest . as you can so that it performs at its Stay calm so that you can give your best while taking the examination

8. Last-Minute Strategy for QA: To ace in the QA section of the CAT 2020 examination, 2 things are extremely important - speed and accuracy. You must take the least possible time to solve the questions along with having least probability of any calculation mistake. Revising your formulae/concepts and short-tricks to solve questions is also another thing you must keep in mind

9. Last-Minute Strategy for DILR: Practice, practice and only practice is required to excel in the DILR section of the CAT 2020 examination. To derive the correct answer, you might follow the elimination method of solving the questions. Eliminating the most irrelevant and illogical options will help you get closer to the correct and logical answer

10. Last-Minute Strategy for VARC: Anyone who has inculcated the habit of reading right from Day 1 of CAT 2020 preparations will be the most benefited person find it easy while taking the CAT exam. While reading the passage for Comprehension, experts suggest trying to understand the passage in the first read. NEVER read the paragraph in a hurry, you might miss important points
Prep Smart. Score Better. Go Gradeup.

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