Moving the RTO online is probably one of the best moves that the office has made.

When working with the RTO office, there are a couple of steps you have to handle which are a part of the process. Government offices usually mean long queues, a lot of back and forth, and general travelling in and out to get your work done. No matter how important getting Government documents are, there are some people who just do not have the time to handle something this, which means they would either need a better system or a streamlined process to make this easier.

Most people preferred working with RTO agentswho would be able to get this done without any trouble. Agents handled the same process for a bunch of people at the same time. They were basically representing you by standing in line and handing out your paperwork. They would ask for the appropriate documentation when getting this done and give you the proper forms, you would have to in turn give them your signature where ever needed. They obviously charge a small fee for their services which was a very minuscule price to pay someone for making the entire process so convenient.

However, now the RTO agency has finally decided to better streamline the process and create an improved system. They took the most part of their office online allowing people to handle the downloading of forms and requirements without having to leave their homes. They basically created an RTO agent online so you would be able to get everything done through this agent and not have to spend time doing it yourself. The best part is that it is free making it a win-win. 

This benefitted the RTO office as well since they spend a lot of time explaining the same processes and protocols for different people, thereby creating a lot of redundancy in the work being done. Now all these people can head to the website and get all the information that they might require in a few simple clicks. The process is so user-friendly that it also allows applicants to gather their documentation and download the forms, allowing them to submit these as printed forms at the office, especially for those who find uploading files online difficult.

The interface for the RTO websitesmight vary for different states across India, but the overall idea is the same. Download all forms or documentation, upload filled out forms, apply for renewal of certificates, use the portal to get appointment dates or renew permits. There are a bunch of smaller tasks that you would be able to handle, but these might vary across Indian states as well.
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