Are Engineering Colleges Dragging Through The Mud?

It’s quite hard for one to believe that there are more than 10,000 Engineering Colleges in India where each college have approximately 5 to 10 departments. Imagine how many students pass out in each department and from each college. But if u give a reality check it may surprise you that not even 100 colleges which have all the basic amenities and give quality education to students. Most of the students passing out from the engineering colleges face unemployment problems. More than 50 percent of the engineering seats remain unfilled in colleges apart from the Government / Government Aided Engineering Colleges, and other top engineering colleges like IIT, NIT, Bits Pilani etc. There are quite a number of reasons for this sudden depreciation in the engineering and technical field of education. 

Lack of Ethics:

Back in the 90's, the scenario of engineering colleges were totally different. All the students of the country at that time had the dream of becoming an engineer. From the overall student population not even a mere 5 % of students were able to get into an engineering college they dream of. Seeing the growing demand of engineering seat, a lot of politicians, businessmen and other industrialists started to invest in engineering colleges. The only focus for them was revenue. A huge capitation fee was collected and they just went on increasing the capacity without actually paying attention to the quality of education to be imparted. Most of the colleges don’t have a proper infrastructure and professional instructors. These kind of colleges run by using the weakness and ignorance of middle class families and lower middle class families. 

Lack of Opportunities:

Most of the colleges fail to provide placement assistance and thereby students find it too difficult to find a job. The reason behind this is that they don't have the essential knowledge and expected skills for the basic requirement to be employed in industries and corporate companies. As with the seats being unfilled in colleges, there are huge number of seats being unfilled in corporates too. Its as simple as that the reason is they don’t find engineering students

and technological students to fit in the eligibility criteria. Instead of saying it as lack of opportunities,we can say as lack of utilising the opportunities.

Lack of Interest:

A survey shows that most of the students enter engineering colleges are due to peer pressure and parents choice.These students absolutely lack interest in studies and they hardly have any goal or plan. Many other students join thinking that its very easy to get an engineering degree without yielding much efforts. Students think engineering colleges as parks where they could relax and get a degree just for name sake and for a social status. This attitude really ruins the whole environment and it even affects the other students who are really interested. 


If at all the Engineering Colleges can take the necessary steps to concentrate on the student development through quality education and better facilities rather than investing in marketing, then there would be a potential change in the minds of young aspirants. Government should impose strict s rules and laws that ensure the engineering colleges should have standard infrastructure with proper amenities from library to labs and highly skilled, talented professional instructors. It's high time that government and education sectors should work together to implement new traits on quality basis to for the betterment of engineering students. In other words it will take the whole India on different scale of uplift in the fields of technology.

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